Where are the Oasis pictures and Nepal

I know, I know — where are my pictures? Our Oasis cruise was fantastic and we were gone from 4/16-4/24. When we got back, I decided to be stubborn (no surprise, right?) and I refused to let Rich pick up our suitcases for unpacking. I tried to lift two large suitcases by myself onto our bed and couldn’t do it so I swung them up onto the bed. Only a few minutes later I took a huge pile of laundry downstairs to the washer and as I bent over to put them in the wash — BANG! The amount of pain I had shooting down my legs and up my back was incomprehensible. I called to Rich, but he couldn’t hear me and I stood motionless unable to move or walk or anything. He finally heard me and helped me upstairs. I thought maybe I pulled something and in a day or two it would be better. Wrong! I was getting nervous as my trip to Nepal was in less than 7 days and I had to get ready to go. However, when every day was like the last in terms of pain, I started to get worried. I made an appointment to see the doctor and the verdict was a muscle pull in my sacrum.

By Thursday of that week, I had to make a decision about my trip. I was unable to sit up at home without being in pain and the thought of having to sit in an airplane for 14 hours or longer was truly worrying me. I told my friend Deb that I wasn’t going and then I had to contact my travel insurance company. Thank goodness I purchased travel insurance! Anything that wasn’t refunded to me is covered by my travel insurance. This is something to think about any time you travel, even if you think NOTHING will happen or go wrong.

Now almost three weeks after the fateful back incident, I am still feeling sore and it bothers me, but I am not in the same amount of pain I was in for the first two weeks. Deb has posted pictures and today she even posted a video from Nepal and it’s bittersweet as I wish I was there, too. 🙁 So lesson learned — I won’t lift suitcases that are crazy big ever again!  I promise to get those Oasis pics up soon!