Vegan Backpacker’s Tasty Bite Giveaway

As a blogger who travels and constantly says just how hard it is to eat vegan away from home, it’s always great to read what others have to say. Vegan Backpacker is a great blog that despite making me feel guilty for not trying harder when I travel, they are giving away a whole boatload of vegan food from Tasty Bites. Just go to their blog and you can enter to win enough vegan food to keep you happy at least for a little while! While you are there, check out their photos and some of their posts like How to Order Vegan Food at Any Restaurant or Five Tips for Vegan Travel. These guys are motivating me to work harder and complain less about eating vegan while traveling plus a contest to win free stuff doesn’t hurt. Now back to drooling over the yummy food pics…

Marian Krueger

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