Never Feel Sick While Traveling Again: Always Travel With Travel Insurance

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Feeling sick?

While traveling is one of the most exciting things you can do, you always have to put your health first. Whether this means taking a day off if you feel sick on a trip, buying travel cpap machines if you have sleep apnea, remembering to take your medication each day, or avoiding risky situations, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re safe and healthy. You know that feeling where you think it can’t possibly get worse, but then it does? No one wants to feel sick while traveling, but when it happens, what do you do? Well, I could tell you not to get sick, but is that really helpful?

Instead, always travel with travel insurance and avoid feeling sick in more ways than one on your travels. If you travel for work though it can be challenging, especially if you relied on your voice for work. I had a friend who was a public speaker who was unfortunate enough to have a chest infection on travels and had entertainer insurance which is a lot like travel insurance but covers performing arts-related claims better than regular travel insurance. Having entertainer insurance saved his skin when he got sick on his travels. But for those who are just on holiday, regular travel insurance should cover you for everything you need. But don’t forget to check the details for your policy because it differs between providers.

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My Sick Traveler Story

travel insurance
That’s a party I definitely don’t want to go to

It was time to travel again and I was looking forward to returning to London in September for a few days. As you may or may not know, London is one of my all time favorite cities. So when I started to feel sick a few days before trip, all I could think was that I better start feeling better and quickly.

travel insurance

I tried to rest up and even took some over the counter medications in hopes that I’d resolve whatever was going on with me. Without any gory or graphic details, I had some kind of a gastrointestinal issue that was basically crippling me.

Convinced I was still going to travel, I pushed on and packed my bag as if I were still traveling. Nothing was going to keep me from getting to London. It’s London after all so how could I pass up going?

The Day of Travel

The day of my trip, I was feeling green. I had no energy, my stomach was in knots and cramping, but still I pushed on. I had a flight to catch. Now the best part about where I live in Boston is that I’m about five minutes from the airport. I can grab an Uber to the airport or take the Silver Line and I’m there in no time flat. Always trying to arrive with plenty of time to spare, at about 3 hours before our flight, Mr. TSG and I decided to venture out toward the airport. That’s when I knew I had problems.

I live in a building with an elevator and as we took the elevator down to the ground floor, I had massive nausea and thought for sure I’d vomit before getting to the ground level. Once in the lobby, I made the decision that this trip wasn’t going to happen. If I was getting sick to my stomach in the elevator, what was going to happen at 30,000 feet and higher?

Calling the Airline

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After speaking with the airline, they informed me that I couldn’t reschedule because now I had missed the cut off time to do so. However, I could file a claim because I had purchased a refundable fare. But you know what’s even better? I wasn’t really worried because I have travel insurance. Did you know that travel insurance is every frequent traveler’s best friend? For lost luggage, flight delays, medical problems, and so much more, travel insurance helps you get from point A to point B confidently and without a worry in the world, and there are some places like Bank Norwegian that might be able to help you with that.

travel insurance
Travel insurance will make you travel more confidently

While travel insurance doesn’t cure illnesses, I was lucky this time that things worked out for the best and I didn’t even have to file a claim with my travel insurance company. But I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I didn’t have travel insurance and if I had purchased a non-refundable fare. My non-refundable advance purchase hotel rooms, activities, and more could’ve been money that I would’ve been out. Some people purchase travel insurance for individual trips, but did you know that annual policies also exist? They’re great for frequent travelers who travel often.

Traveling Without Travel Insurance Is Like…

Don’t ever get put into a position where travel costs you more because you made the silly mistake not to invest in a valuable travel insurance policy. It’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent. Traveling without travel insurance is like traveling without a suitcase or turning down an upgrade at a hotel or with an airline. It just doesn’t make sense.

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