5 Guilt-Free Tips on What Vegans Can Eat at Saus Boston

Saus Boston
Where to begin?

As a vegan, I often encounter difficulty trying to find something to eat when dining out, especially at home. But today I have 5 guilt-free tips on what vegans can eat at Saus Boston. What’s Saus Boston? While not exclusively vegan, they do have options that can and will satisfy vegans looking for a guilty pleasure. Saus Boston doesn’t pretend to be something more than it really is. We’re talking great fries and  “inspired, made-from-scratch food with a focus on condiments.”

Saus Boston Location

Located near the historic Union Oyster House, I’ve walked past here more times than I can count and yet, never spotted Saus Boston. What’s so special about this place? The french fry-centric menu changes monthly with new additions to surprise and delight patrons. While they recently took off the grilled cheese sandwich, they did have a brand new addition to the menu. Saus Boston added the miso-mushroom gravy so non-meat eaters could also indulge in a meat-free poutine of their own.

The house-aged and twice fried hand-cut Idaho russet fries are the stars at the center of the Saus Boston menu. Choose from the petite, regular, or BIG size portions and then add a sauce from Saus Central. Let’s just say there’s condiments galore at Saus Boston with different kinds of mayos, mustards, ketchups, and limited edition sauces.

Vegan Options at Saus Boston

Vegan Tip 1: Try the limited edition peanut and vegan based pindasaus for your sauce choice. Yum!
Vegan Tip 2: Another vegan option is the the avo-goddess, it’s made with avocado, tahini, and cilantro for a light and flavorful sauce. Don’t think guacamole, which you might think it would be because this is so not guacamale.
Vegan Tip 3: Want to save money on sauces? Choose the hot Saus, available for free by the napkins and plastic flatware. It’s hot, tasty, and addictive.

TSG Tip: The BIG size is ginormous so think twice before ordering unless you’re crazy hungry.

The Fries

Saus Boston’s crispy and perfectly browned french fries aren’t the slightest bit greasy. That means they cook at a high enough temperature to prevent them from soaking up any grease. I could’ve easily eaten more simply because they tasted that good, even on their own sans sauce.

Our Lunch

Saus Boston
The goods

As you can see from this pic, we had so much food, our little silver tray was completely overloaded. The little recyclable containers lined up on the tray made it look like we hadn’t eaten in years. Mr. TSG, the vegetarian in this couple, went big and decided to try a few things off the menu, including the Veggie Croquette sandwich.

I chose Saus Boston thinking this was a vegan sandwich as the menu online says it’s the croquettes with carrots, vinaigrette and Spicy Sambal, but thank goodness the employee waiting on me advised that there’s dairy in the croquettes themselves.  Mr. TSG didn’t mind and likened the Veggie Croquette sandwich to a falafel sandwich, which he quickly devoured.

Also on Mr. TSG’s plate was a regular size Poutine with Miso-Mushroom gravy with a scoop of sambal on top. Although I’m not sure why the sambal was so dark and lacked any real taste, the miso-mushroom gravy had a rich depth of flavor. This made the poutine strangely addictive, despite the fact that I had my own fries.

Vegan Tip 4: I loved that the employee put the cheese curds served on the side so I could try the poutine. So ask for no cheese or cheese on the side if dining with a friend to make this dish totally vegan.

Other Options At Saus Boston

In addition to the fries on the menu, there’s also a CBJ (Cookie Butter and Jam) sandwich. What’s in it? How about stone ground whole wheat bread with bananas, crunchy Biscoff spread and Berry Berry? I’m not eating bread these days and since this sandwich was the only vegan option on the menu, I passed and ate more fries.

Vegan Tip 5: Still hungry? Do what I did and take a look the sides menu. Initially, I thought I’d try the Shaved Brussel Sprouts, but this dish contains blue cheese vinaigrette and definitely isn’t vegan. My choice was the Dill Pickles, which were fresh and tasty, like they were made yesterday.

Saus Boston is a great little find for anyone in the area of Fanueil Hall looking to grab a quick snack or meal. With both vegan and vegetarian options on the ever changing menu, there’s definitely something for everyone here.

Saus Boston
33 Union Street
Boston, MA 02108

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