The Mermaid Restaurant at The Buccaneer | St. Croix, USVI

Look at this view! Yes, this is the view you, too, can have if you decide to spend your next vacation at The Buccaneer luxury resort in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. St. Croix tourism says, “St. Croix has some of the finest weather in the world. The temperature averages 82 degrees year round and it only varies about 7- 8 degrees between the summer and winter months.” Back home in Boston it was starting to get cold and the morning that I arrived in St. Croix I believe it was something like 10 degrees in Boston. Here’s some more information about what the beautiful weather is like on St. Croix:

“St. Croix’s average temperatures only vary about 5 degrees from the winter months to the summer/fall months. March through April are the driest months, while September through November are the wettest. Keep in mind that although September through November have more rainfall relative to March through April, it doesn’t rain for days on end. There is still lots of great weather. Typically, there will just be more passing showers, that may last a little longer, than during the drier months of the year. The island is also very beautiful during the wetter months…it’s very green and lush.”

After I checked in at The Buccaneer, I was driven to my room with my bags since it was some distance from the main entrance. After dropping off my bags, I walked only a short distance over to The Mermaid for lunch. The Buccaneer web site says that The Mermaid is “located beach side, with an extensive lunch menu of savory seafood and specials, soups, salads and sandwiches, and gourmet dinners that include all-American favorites, island specialties and vegetarian. There is also a full bar. The Buccaneer offers frozen island favorites and vintage cocktails.” It was a little too early for cocktails (really?) so instead I opted for Pellegrino, which I think was elegantly presented for a beachfront restaurant. This open air restaurant has an amazing view of the beach to allow you to dine and then go to the beach or perhaps spend the day at the beach and hop in for a bite or a drink or both.

The menu was a few pages long, a page of which I photographed here for your review and a longer sample menu is available from The Buccaneer web site. I was clearly excited to find more than a few items on the menu to eat without having to ask them to go out of their to make a special plate free of meat or seafood. I was ecstatic to have so many choices including gazpacho, a classic Caesar salad, Greek summer salad with pita bread, Mediterranean tabbouleh with hummus and pita bread, as well as a veggie wrap or veggie burger. For you meat and seafood eaters out there, don’t worry – I have you covered. They had a tropical chicken salad, conch salad, a blackened mahi mahi wrap, a grilled Cubano sandwich, and a lobster wrap in a tomato basil tortilla. Are you getting hungry yet?

Decisions, decisions. So what did I end up choosing? My choice was the veggie burger, but in my excitement I forgot to tell the server a few things. Picky as I am, I like to order my veggie burger minus the bun and cheese, but forgot to here. Perhaps it was the beautiful view or maybe it was my hunger in general, but this is what it looked like when served and you have to admit, it looks pretty good. They even put a few mushrooms on top of the onions — yum! I scraped off the cheese and put it on the bun and then ate the veggie burger with the greens like a salad. I hadn’t had a lot of protein on my trip and that veggie burger was welcomed with open arms by me that afternoon. I had to push the plate away because the fries were super crisp and tasty, but I definitely do not need those bad boys. Besides, I was trying to stay on schedule because I had to get to the main entrance for my guided property tour and didn’t want to be late.

For dining in a casual setting, The Mermaid at The Buccaneer was an excellent choice. Of course, when traveling I like to eat in as many local places as I can so when you do travel, don’t eat every one of your meals at your resort no matter how good you think they might be. Next time we’ll do a quick tour of The Buccaneer and see my room as well as more of the amazing views from all over the resort.

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