PRODUCT REVIEW: Thai Boho Fashion from One Tribe Apparel

Thai boho
One Tribe Apparel’s Coral Pink Peacock and Mediterranean Blue Peacock harem pants

On my recent travels to Thailand, I fell in love with Thai boho fashion. What’s Thai boho fashion? Combine the bright, creative, and fun prints of Thailand with laid back bohemian fashion and you’ve got Thai boho fashion. If you’re a fan of boho chic fashion, which is combining colorful, folk-inspired, organic pieces with modern pieces, then you’ll love Thai boho fashion.

Combine the creative and fun prints of Thailand with bohemian fashion and you've got Thai boho fashion.Click To Tweet
Thai boho
One Tribe Apparel’s Coral Pink Peacock and Mediterranean Blue Peacock harem pants

Let’s just say that I pretty much spotted Thai boho harem pants the second I stepped off the plane in Bangkok. I literally saw them everywhere with both men and women sporting them. Initially, I was totally against the idea of wearing what I believed were the equivalent of pj’s or dorm pants.

But then the Thai heat started feeling pretty oppressive and I bought something like four pairs of the harem pants and even a pair of shorts. The lightweight material is perfect for hot weather and the adjustable waist and one size fits all sizing was not only perfect for me, but great for gift giving, too. I spent most of my time in Thailand wearing Thai boho harem pants and I was a happy girl.

Thai boho
One Tribe Apparel’s Black Plume Peacock harem pants

When One Tribe Apparel asked if they could send me a pair of black plume peacock harem pants, my immediate response, was “Absolutely!” What is One Tribe Apparel? In the village of PAI in the summer of 2013, Mitchell, an American backpacker and Fai, a Thai university student, met and fell in love. The couple opened a hostel and that’s when they noticed people were really getting into Thai boho fashion. This is their mission:

One Tribe Apparel was created to bring bohemian apparel from around the world back to the west and to capture the serendipitous magic that happens when travelers meet as friends and part ways as family.

With an approach to business that is substantially more than making money, you can feel their commitment to not only each other, to their friends, and to their business, but to the community as well.

Why should you check out One Tribe Apparel? Not only can you choose from great quality pants, tops, and bags on their website, but once you do, something magic happens. A $1 donation from every item purchased goes to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thai boho
One Tribe Apparel’s Aquamarine Classic Elephant harem pants

Located 30 kilometers outside Chiang Mai, Elephant Nature Park has been rescuing and rehabilitating elephants for over 20 years. At the turn of the 20th century there were 100,000 elephants in Thailand, but that number has now dropped to between 3,000 & 4,000. Donations from One Tribe Apparel will help provide medicine and care for the Elephant Nature Park.

This past weekend, I paired my harem pants with a simple black t-shirt. As I walked around in the hot and humid Boston summer heat, I swear I couldn’t even feel them on me. I’d wear them all the time if I could get away with it.  My black plume peacock harem pants are striking in both color and design and I’ve already been asked where I got them by several people.

One Tribe Apparel‘s black plume peacock harem pants specifics:

  • Hand Stitched Using Local Fabrics & Dyes. That’s right – they’re handmade in Thailand
  • Hand Wash and Shade Dry
  • One Size Fits Most XS – L
  • Elastic Waist & Ankles for Flexible Fit
  • Waist Length: 22″ – 44″
  • Max Leg Length: 42″
  • Inseam Length: 28″

As a frequent online shopper, I love that One Tribe Apparel also offers free shipping on orders over $60 and a 30-day no hassle return.

Thai boho
One Tribe Apparel’s Plum Peacock harem pants

While it may be easy to quickly judge someone wearing these pants if you’re unfamiliar with the style, let me be clear that wearing Thai boho fashion isn’t about being a crunchy granola or doing yoga. As someone who considers herself a world citizen, helping others and taking care of this great planet we live on is important to me. I’m inspired by Mitchell and Fai and I hope you’ll take a moment to visit the One Tribe Apparel website and consider buying something. A purchase with One Tribe Apparel is more than just about the item, but the community. Oh yeah – and you’ll look great, too with the beautiful and high quality items they have for sale on their site.

My One Tribe Apparel harem pants are my 2017 must-have piece for travel no matter where I go because they're comfortable, lightweight, and look great right out of my bag.Click To Tweet

Whether you dress it up or go casual or wear the clothing at home, you’ll feel good about what you’re wearing and how you did something good for Elephant Nature Park. What I love about my One Tribe Apparel Thai boho harem pants is that they are perfect for travel, be it wearing them on a plane, walking around, or going out to dinner. The lightweight material makes them a breeze to pack and they’ll look great right out of your suitcase.  My One Tribe Apparel harem pants are my 2017 must-have piece for travel no matter where I go because they’re comfortable, lightweight, and look great right out of my bag. It doesn’t hurt that I also strongly believe in this charitable company’s focus on community.

Do you own any Thai boho fashion or harem pants? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments. Don’t forget to read my other product reviews and travel tips.

While One Tribe Apparel provided me with a pair of harem pants to try out and review, as always — all opinions are my own.