Taking a Moment to Stop and Smell (and Photograph) Flowers in St. Thomas, USVI

DSC_2262_zps2030b4beNo need to tell me I’m not like other people as believe me, I know that already. But seriously, while most people are busy snapping photos of their family, monuments, and landmarks, I’m usually off wandering about snapping pictures of random items like cars, dogs or cats, and even flowers.  I can’t help myself!  If the colors attract me, I’m drawn to them like a bee to flowers, so to speak. While I usually keep them for my own viewing pleasure, I thought I’d share some here on the blog today. 

DSC_2266_zps6574af9fIn March I was on the Norwegian Getaway and one of our ports of call was St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.  We docked in Havensight which clearly has the hardest working landscaping crew on hand. I’ve been to Havensight many times before, so I’m not sure why I never took the time to notice the abundance of flowers in a kaleidoscope of colors planted there, but I certainly noticed them this time.

DSC_2270_zpsf94b59d6While I may not be able to name them for you, they are still something quite extraordinary.  How can you not admire the delicate white interior coupled with those brilliant pink petals on this flower? 

When I travel I try to drink in my surroundings and attempt to make as many mental notes as I can, but all the while I know I won’t be able to recall all of it later.  That’s why my camera serves as the perfect way for me to pull up old memories of all of the amazing places I’ve visited.  When I look at the pictures above, I can almost feel the sun beating down on me, the sounds of other cruise passengers, and the smell from the ocean wafting in and around the port.  That’s why a picture of a flower isn’t merely a picture of a flower

The next time you’re somewhere you might have traveled to previously or even when you’re back at home, don’t forget to slow down, take in, and appreciate your surroundings.  You might be surprised at what has been in front of you all along and what memories, visual, auditory, or otherwise, you might be able to capture simply by taking a picture.