Queasy Beads | An Interview with Carol from Queasy Beads

Calm your queasy stomach in style with Queasy Beads
Calm your queasy stomach in style with Queasy Beads

Social media is amazing and for anyone who hasn’t quite embraced it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Travel Shop Girl is on Twitter, FaceBook, and Pinterest and recently I was involved in a conversation on Twitter with Carol from Queasy Beads. The name “Queasy Beads” was intriguing enough that I clicked on her link to learn know more. I decided to speak to Carol to find out what exactly her Queasy Beads brand was all about. I learned a lot talking to her and found out a lot more about acupressure because prior to this, I had only heard of the pressure point mat you can get to help you with relieving muscle tension and back issues. I had no idea it could help with traveling!

Travel Shop Girl: When I first started cruising, I was deeply concerned about seasickness. Would I get sick? How would I take care of it, etc. That’s when I discovered the acupressure bands that are currently on the market. Can you explain how acupressure bands and Queasy Beads work?

Carole from Queasy Beads: Acupressure bands work by applying light pressure to the acupressure points (for nausea relief) on our inner wrists similar to Acupuncture ear seeds. When pressure is applied to these points, the central nervous system is activated, sending signals to the brain to release neurotransmitters that block the chemicals responsible for the feeling of nausea.

TSG: How did the idea of Queasy Beads come about?

QB: I had suffered from migraine headaches for much of my adult life. With my migraines always came nausea. Many friends suggested that I try marijuana to combat the migraines and nausea. Visit this website if that is something you would like to try, but I decided it wasn’t for me. Instead, about 7 years ago, I decided to try acupressure wristbands for my migraine nausea and they worked. I wore them every time I had a migraine but soon grew tired of how ugly they looked. I hated wearing them out in public!

f856e804-2So, I researched how acupressure wristbands worked and knew if I put my mind to it, I could design a stylish pair that I could wear anywhere. I decided to use beads because I have always loved beaded bracelets and had quite a few leftover from my fashion design college days. I used the wood beads because of their natural colors which were neutral enough to match anything I wore. The best part was, they worked just as well, if not better, than the acupressure wristbands. My beaded bracelets were very comfortable to wear and never stretched out. To this day, I can still wear the original pair I designed and they work great!

I went for many years not knowing what to call these pretty beaded bracelets I was wearing that took the place of the old acupressure bands. Then one day I just knew I had found the name when my youngest son, upon asking him to please get my bracelets for me, said, “Feeling queasy, Mom?” We both just looked at each other, smiled, and knew I just had to call them “Queasy Beads.”

TSG: For those people who have never cruised before, do you have any advice for them on how Queasy Beads could work for them?

QB: I have had many customers tell me that wearing Queasy Beads on their cruises has helped them with their seasickness. Since Queasy Beads work to calm nausea and can be worn ahead of time to help prevent nausea, wearing them on a cruise is a great idea. Wearing them before getting on the ship is even better! Seasickness can be quite rough and it’s always better to be prepared than to wait until the nausea has already set in. Also, when you travel wearing Queasy Beads, it looks like you’re just wearing stylish bracelets!

TSG: Skeptics might say that simply putting a bracelet on might give a placebo effect. What do you think?

QB: Yes, I have heard this statement many times. Let’s face it, there are sceptics out there. To be honest, I was one myself, all those years ago, when I first decided to try wearing the wristbands! But I have always been open-minded and I think if anyone suffers from any kind of stomach nausea they should just try them. Acupressure points are real and we all have them. That’s why massages feel so good! If someone who is a sceptic is suffering from nausea, what have they got to lose by just putting on a pair of bracelets to try and calm their queasiness? If they are a true sceptic, even when they begin to feel better by wearing the bracelets, they will probably STILL believe it is a placebo effect. But, at least they will feel better, and that’s what it’s all about.

TSG: At what point did it occur to you that you could do better than the acupressure bands that are currently on the market?

Photo courtesy of Queasy Beads
Photo courtesy of Queasy Beads

QB: I knew I had something pretty great when I shared my bracelets with all my friends and found my friends not only loved the way the bracelets looked, the bracelets also worked for them, too. I got very excited. In those early days, everyone’s enthusiasm about Queasy Beads helped inspire me to move forward and design even more bracelets.

TSG: How many designs did you start out with in the beginning?

QB: In the beginning, I started out with just a few designs. “Mocha” was my first design using the wood beads and then I began making as many combinations using the wood beads as I could think of.

TSG: What do you tell customers who might initially think that the bands are uncomfortable since they are snug and made to fit? (I guess I am thinking do you tell them to ride it out or what?)

QB: Queasy Beads are custom-made to fit comfortably snug for the best acupressure results. But a snug fit should still be a comfortable fit. So, if a customer were to tell me that their bracelets are uncomfortable, then I would have to assume they need a slightly larger size. Queasy Beads can give you the results you need without being uncomfortable.

TSG: Who can benefit from Queasy Beads?

Photo courtesy of Queasy Beads
Photo courtesy of Queasy Beads

QB: Anyone who is looking for nausea relief can benefit from wearing Queasy Beads. Queasy Beads can help prevent nausea, if worn ahead of time, as well as relieve nausea if worn after the feeling of nausea has begun.

TSG: How do you come up with new designs? (inspirations, client recommendations, etc.?)

QB: In the very beginning, new designs came from the colors in my own wardrobe! If I was wearing a black top and silver earrings, for instance, then I would design a black pair with a touch of silver color. If I was wearing a green sweater, then I would design a pair with a touch of green (“Starlight” and “Purple Radiance”, respectively!)

“Vanilla Sundae”
Photo courtesy of Queasy Beads

Now, new designs still come from current fashions, but also from my customers. Both new and repeat Queasy Beads customers know what they need and I do my best to design what they need. That’s what prompted me to include “Custom Orders” on my sites.

It’s not as easy as it looks, however. I did (and still do) have to be very choosy with the beads I use in my designs. Not all of them are candidates for Queasy Beads!

TSG: Do you have a client story that best tells how Queasy Beads can help someone?

QB: Oh, there are so many wonderful client stories, it is hard to pick just one. Two types of stories come to mind…
First, anytime I hear from clients who love to travel but have always suffered from motion sickness and are “sick” of wearing the other types of acupressure bands, I am always anxious to hear their stories. Knowing that Queasy Beads have helped me with my motion sickness is one thing, but when they share with me that wearing Queasy Beads has also helped them feel better on their travels, I get so excited! I am excited for them and also so happy that I have been able to help them find a stylish way to relieve their motion sickness with Queasy Beads!

“Starry Night”
Photo courtesy of Queasy Beads

The second types of stories come from women who are experiencing morning sickness. Having had two children myself (pre-Queasy Beads days), I know first hand that pregnancy nausea can be awful. It really can be the worst! So, anytime an expectant mom writes to me and tells me how happy she is to have finally found a pair of stylish acupressure bracelets to wear, I know Queasy Beads are something special! Many moms-to-be wear the other types of bands but usually not as much as they should simply because they don’t like the way the other bands look. As a result, these women feel nauseous more than they need to! When they tell me that wearing Queasy Beads has helped them feel better, anytime and anywhere, it’s just heartwarming to me. Helping a mom-to-be feel better during her pregnancy feels wonderful.

TSG: What are your hopes for the Queasy Beads brand?

QB: It’s simple. I hope Queasy Beads will one day be the acupressure bracelets of choice! Not only because they look great, but also because they help people feel better.

I am not a doctor and I have no medical background. However, I do know that Queasy Beads have helped many, many people feel better. It’s important to me that, as I move forward with my product and my business, I stay focused on the two main reasons I decided to share Queasy Beads with the world…1) to give people a fashionable alternative to acupressure wristbands and, more importantly, 2) to help people feel better.

Everytime a person chooses Queasy Beads for the way they look, then finds the relief they need while wearing Queasy Beads, I know I must be doing something right!

For anyone considering using acupressure bands, I highly recommend the more stylish and functional alternative, Queasy Beads!