Product Review: The Snugg iPad 3 Pink Leather Case & Stand

Technology and travel go hand in hand and staying stylish and fashionable shouldn’t be left out of this important equation.  I’ve had my fair share of iPhone and iPad cases and they either functional, but not stylish or stylish, but not functional.  But I wanted both and when the Travel Shop Girl wants something, believe me — she gets it!

That’s where the great people over at the come in.  Not only do they have great cases for all types of accessories like iPads, tablets, Kindles, smartphones, and more, they have great looking and fully functional cases.  Back in January of this year, I reviewed another one of their cases (see review here) and they were kind enough to send another case for me to review.
The Snugg iPad 3 Pink PU Leather Case alongside my iPad 3

How is this strong, durable case different from the many you see online or in stores?  This case is made in premium PU leather and this particular case is an absolute feminine pink — love it!

From The Snugg website:

Our Snugg iPad 3 case includes a number of unique features to help you make the most of your iPad. The wrap-around design keeps it safe, but we’ve ensured all of your iPad 3’s buttons and sockets are accessible. Open the cover and it folds and becomes a stand, allowing you to position your iPad upright or at a shallower angle for typing.

We’ve also added a handy stylus loop to hold your stylus when it’s not in use, so you’ll never have to struggle to find it when you need it. Inside the cover, there’s an elasticated strap; just slip your fingers underneath the strap and hold your iPad 3 comfortably as you use it. When you close the cover, your iPad 3 will automatically switch to Sleep mode, saving the battery.

Don’t worry about your iPad 3 case failing over time. Not only is PU leather strong and wipe-clean, but we offer a no-quibble Lifetime Guarantee upon registration, too. You’ll never have to buy another iPad 3 case again. All of our cases are manufactured under our Snugg Promise, which guarantees the best possible materials and craftsmanship.

The Snugg iPad case on my iPad – isn’t she pretty?

Besides how great it looks, I love that when I close the case, it switches my iPad to Sleep mode and prolongs my battery life.  The magnetic closure means that I don’t have to fumble to close it, especially with one hand while flying through an airport or juggling my bags.  With the built in stand, I can watch movies or TV shows while traveling and the strap on the inside cover makes it a snap to share images with others.  Simply put, there’s nothing that I don’t like about this case!

If you’re looking for a durable case that is functional and stylish, then you need to check out This particular case comes in ten different colors to fit everyone’s personal style!  You can order directly from their web site or from

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