Product Review: Clever Travel Companion Tank Top

Clever Travel Companion Tank Top
Clever Travel Companion tank tops (photo courtesy The Clever Travel Companion)

Safety is always a priority when traveling and no one knows that better than I do.  However, I cannot stand those bulky and uncomfortable travel belts that are archaic and so not fashion forward.  What about travel wallets?  Those work, but when you are going out for the day for an active day and trying to dress lightly, these often don’t work at all. That’s why I was ecstatic to learn about the Clever Travel Companion tank top. Why not build safety right into your undergarments?  Stay with me on this one because I’m telling you — it’s a great idea!

Here is what the Clever Travel Companion has to say about their products:
Staying safe on the road is something most travelers worry about before heading off. With the Clever Travel Companion‘s travel safety gear that is easily taken care of. The Clever Travel Companion has integrated safety features in the travelers clothes themselves, adding securely zippered pockets that fit passport, cash and credit cards with ease into t-shirts, tank tops, underwear and long johns. There is no need for bulky fanny packs, money belts or purses. Just zip your valuables into your hidden pockets and relax!
For travelers going off the beaten path, spending time in crowded areas or having to sleep on trains, ferries or buses with strangers, knowing that ones valuables are safely hidden is extremely important.  No pick pocket can get into the Clever Travel Companion‘s gear and just as important, it is impossible to accidentally misplace the gear and the valuables since it is always on! For those doing sports, skiing and snowboarding, bungee jumping, river rafting, horse back riding and the likes, keeping passport and money safely locked in the pockets make for more fun sports knowing there is no need to worry about who can access ones stuff.
Clever Travel Companion Tank Top
Clever Travel Companion Tank Top

From long johns to men and women’s underwear to t-shirts or tank tops, Clever Travel Companion has you covered.  They sent me one of their tank tops with a secret pocket to try out.  When I received it, I thought it looked like a regular tank top with a pocket and didn’t think much of it.  But when I had the opportunity to use it, I completely understood how great this idea was. Made of 100% cotton, the tank top comes in women’s sizes X-Small to X-Large.  They recommended that I go up one size from my regular size when ordering, just to be on the safe side.

During my recent visit to Iceland, I donned the tank top for my trip home after a few hours at the Blue Lagoon. The lightweight feel of the tank was perfect under the sweater I was wearing.  I started wearing layers when flying with lightweight liners to make for a more comfortable trip, especially for longer flights.  The pocket is in a comfortable place in front and you can easily fit your passport and money as well as a driver’s license or credit card, if you needed one.

My picture doesn’t do the product any justice, but it was constructed well and fit perfectly.  I really like that I can fold it or roll it up and toss it in my carry on bag or even a handbag if I needed to.  Since the pocket is in the front, I can feel that the items I put inside are still there without having to check constantly.  Best of all, since it is in such a discreet place, I don’t think anyone would suspect that I was carrying my ID and/or money there and that provides an extra level of safety that I really appreciate.

Clever Travel Companion Tank Top
Clever Travel Companion tank top, t-shirt, and women’s underwear – all with secret pocket (photo courtesy The Clever Travel Companion)

What kind of person is the perfect candidate for using products from the Clever Travel Companion? Anyone who travels who likes to safe while also being unencumbered by travel belts or wallets.  Their products are stylish and well-constructed and no one will ever know that what you are wearing is a travel safety product.   With different colors and styles, you can travel safely while still looking fashionable.  Makes a great gift, too!

The Clever Travel Companion‘s travel gear come in multiple colors, fine soft cotton or modal, from XS to XL and are available at and on and They cost $24.90 for the underwear and $29.90 for the tanks, tees and long johns.

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