My Arrival to The Westin Resort St. John, USVI

The Westin Resort St. John, USVI

Westin Resort St. John
Everyone is welcomed to the Westin Resort St. John with a rum punch

On Saturday, December 17, 2011, I arrived at the Westin Resort St. John after my great driver, Kenneth Louis, picked us up from the Cruz Bay ferry terminal. From the ferry terminal to Westin Resort St. John was all of a 5-minute ride by taxi. Upon arrival to the resort I learned that check in is at 3 pm and it was around noon so I was going to have a long wait. I was handed a “Refresh” card, which you can take to the pool area to get a towel to use at the pool or the beach and go have lunch. I left my bags with the bellman and walked down to the pool area to start investigating the resort. For those arriving to the resort, right near the Beach Café you can pick up your welcome rum punch to start your vacation off just right. It was hot, I had my carry on bag and no swimsuit on me, and I wasn’t really feeling the rum punch just yet.

Westin Resort St. John
Westin Resort St. John

I instantly, however, appreciated the lush landscaping throughout the 47 acres where the Westin Resort St. John sits as it envelops you in the tropical plantings. The resort has a staff dedicated to the upkeep of the landscaping and they aren’t only proud of that fact, it shows that they are. The center path from the lobby leads you directly down first to the pool and then to the beach just beyond Snorkels restaurant.

Westin Resort St. John
Pool at the Westin Resort St. John

The pool at the Westin Resort St. John is quite large and there is a hot tub close by. With an area to exchange towels nearby as well as the bar and restaurant at Snorkels, you’ll be all set when you choose to spend the afternoon at the pool. Additionally, they do have private cabanas available for rent for half or full day rentals as well as hammocks. In this picture you can see the cushy lounge chairs in the foreground and Snorkels restaurant toward the back. On certain nights they even have movie night at the pool. On Sunday night they showed “A Christmas Story” and handed out fresh popped popcorn to everyone!

Westin Resort St. John
The beach at the Westin Resort St. John

When I decided to walk around, I made my way toward the Beach Café and up toward the beach. There were people in the water as well as on the lounge chairs already soaking up the sun. Children were playing in the water and enjoying themselves immensely. There are a few buildings at the Westin Resort St. John and some have a beach view, some with two bedrooms. This area is next to Snorkels restaurant where they serve drinks and sandwiches, hamburgers, etc. Since I had time to kill, I opted for lunch here and the view couldn’t have been better.

Westin Resort St. John
Westin Resort St. John

Looking out toward the water, those that swam out far enough could enjoy this action packed area with a trampoline, etc. Over the next two days I saw it fill up as people hung out and also dove into the water from here. I did get a chance to go in the water at the beach while I was at the Westin Resort St. John and the water was beautiful and clear. Of course, I freaked a little when as I was getting out of the water I noticed a fish at least a foot long in front of me. Those that know me know that I prefer to believe that no fish or wildlife exist in the water with me. Silly, but one of those little quirks I have (among others!) As you can see, they also have float mats available for guests.

Westin Resort St. John
My room at the Westin Resort St. John

The Director of Operations was kind enough to take me on a tour of the property and get me into my room before 3 pm and believe me, I was extremely appreciative. I was taken to my room, a traditional Westin-style room, with a garden view facing the pool. It had a little patio and a comfortable looking lounger and but not for the a) lack of time that I had to sit out and b) the large iguana that I came across when I first went out there, I might have spent more time out there.

I will have a more thorough review of the Westin Resort St. John upon my return, but until then I do hope you enjoy the pictures.

Westin Resort St. John
Address: 300A Chocolate Hole, St. John, VI 00830
Phone: 866-716-8108

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