My Arrival at Canyon Ranch | Lenox, Massachusetts

Sometimes a weekend getaway isn’t just about the getaway.  Sometimes it can change your life and that’s what Canyon Ranch hopes to do for its clients. For over 30 years, Canyon Ranch has been “empowering people to live healthier, longer, more joyful lives through fitness, nutrition, stress-management and integrative wellness.” You may go with the expectation of enjoying a relaxing weekend complete with massages, manicures, and facials, but you will leave rejuvenated and with a life full of possibilities. Sounds too good to be true?  It’s not and I am proof positive that you can visit Canyon Ranch and in a few short days, feel change.

Canyon Ranch in Tucscon (photo courtesy of Canyon Ranch)

The original Canyon Ranch resort is in Tucscon, AZ, but they have also expanded to include locations in Lenox, MA, a Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach,  as well as Canyon Ranch SpaClubs in Las Vegas at The Venetian and The Palazzo and onboard cruise ships such as Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, Oceania Cruises, and Regent Seven Seas.  Only recently Canyon Ranch announced a new partnership with the The Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia to create a new spa and fitness experience with a Canyon Ranch SpaClub at The Homestead.  Canyon Ranch was created by Mel Zuckerman who experienced a life changing event while resolving to lose weight and out of his discovery, Canyon Ranch was born.  To read more about the history of Canyon Ranch, go here.

Canyon Ranch bunny!

Prior to my arrival, I received a questionnaire to complete and was asked to call Program Advising to set up my appointments. Additionally, I was given the complete schedule of all classes so I could plan out my time while at Canyon Ranch.  With a huge suitcase in tow with a few pairs of sneakers and more workout clothing than I could possibly wear, I headed off for my Canyon Ranch adventure.  Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA is only two hours from Boston so I made my way there by car.  Having never been to Lenox, the drive was relatively easy with the majority of the trip via the Massachusetts Turnpike (90W) and the resort was only a few miles from the main road.  I provided my name to the security guard at the main gate and he welcomed me and told me to drive up to the main area to drop my car off with the valet.  I immediately noticed the lush gardens and regal architecture of the mansion and took a deep breath and sensed my body beginning to relax.  The valet staff helped me with my car while the bellman took my bags and brought them to my room while I checked into the resort.

Reception and Guest Services

The main lobby is quite different from a hotel lobby as it is a serene area where the staff greets you with smiles and calls you over to take a seat to begin your check in process.  Patricia was able to assist me with my room while also confirming my appointments and arranging a tour with Program Advising.  Although I had arrived just before 2 pm, Patricia even escorted me to my room (#279), a deluxe room and the very last room in the West Wing of the resort.  I initially felt as if I would get lost every time I stepped out of my room, but I can assure you that you will get the hang of getting around this resort relatively quickly.   I only had a few minutes to unpack a few things in my room before I headed out for my appointment with Lynn Geane in Program Advising in the North Wing.  There she asked if I had any questions and went over my appointments and assisted me in setting up a few more as I needed them.  Then we toured the facility including both floors of the Spa Complex and the Bellefontaine Mansion.

Bellefontaine Mansion

I was now free to explore the resort on my own and although I had completely planned out every moment of my stay, this weekend was going to be a lesson in patience and in not over scheduling myself. Usually I am attached to my iPhone, computer, iPad, etc. and have a schedule by which I live. Unfortunately, on Thursday morning at the gym I did something to my back, which at the time seemed like nothing, but by the time I arrived at Canyon Ranch it had definitely turned into something.  In the end, this was probably good for me to experience  this injury and I’m sure it was intended to help me slow down and to have a different experience during my stay.  What is so exciting about the Canyon Ranch experience is that it will be different for everyone.  Whether you are looking to get away, relax, and be pampered or if you are looking to change your life and improve your health or anything in between, you can find it at Canyon Ranch.

I’ll have more posts about Canyon Ranch covering dining options, classes, and treatments. So sit back, relax, and take a few deep breaths before you are completely overcome with jealousy.  Ok, well maybe not jealousy, but I do hope it inspires you to consider a weekend getaway to Canyon Ranch soon.

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