MUSIC: “Little Talks” | Of Monsters and Men

Anyone who knows me well knows I am not a fan of Top 40 music. Yes, the occasional Kelly Clarkson or Rihanna song may make it onto my workout playlist, but I tend to stray far, far away from popular music. I turn instead to alternative music and anything a little off the beaten path. Before I left for my trip to Iceland, I had a few songs in regular rotation that were songs that had become deeply embedded in my brain. It’s not often that I can play a song over and over and over and not get tired of it, but there were two songs that had this crazy effect on me. The first was Gotye featuring Kimbra with the song “Somebody that I Used to Know,” a song that I simply can’t get enough of even now. The second was “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men. I know I am going to end up liking a song a lot when I first hear it and I don’t immediately like it. I equate those immediately likable songs to cotton candy since you like them at first and then every time after that you hear the song and it makes you ill from its contrived sugary goodness. Music that piques your interest, strings you along, and you discover that you haven’t fallen in love instantly? Now that’s my kind of music!

While in my hotel room in Iceland, I turned on the TV and put on the music video channel to play in the background while I worked. Imagine my excitement when Of Monsters and Men came on! I hadn’t seen the video for “Little Talks” and it was intriguing and different, just like the band. At the time I thought it was cool that a band that I liked was playing on TV in Iceland, but nothing more. Only after I returned home did I find out that the band is from Iceland! Apparently, they won a battle of the bands called Músiktilraunir and have been on fire ever since. Here is the video that I saw on television:

I also like this livingroom session of the same song:

But what does all of this have to do with travel? Think about the music you listen to on a regular basis. Is it sugary sweet? Do you venture out of the norm to try new music or do you allow yourself to be spoon fed the same old, same old because it’s what you have always done? Now think about how you travel. Do you go to the same place every year? Maybe you do the same cruise line or resort every year without varying it up that much. Push yourself to try something new and you might surprise yourself. Maybe the thought of trying a brand new vacation is a little scary so if it is, don’t jump off the deep end, but instead make small changes. It’s better to make those small changes over time instead of none at all. If vacation to you means laying out by the same pool at the same resort year after year after year, take a chance and mix things up. You won’t be disappointed! I yearn for variety and adventure and the more of that I have, the more I want to try something new.

What’s your favorite travel destination? What’s your favorite band or song currently? Share your thoughts on this topic as I’d love to hear if anyone else feels the same way.