Mouth Watchers: The Best Way to Travel with Your Toothbrush

Mouth Watchers
Who doesn’t want a nice smile and clean breath?

Whether you’re at home or traveling, everyone wants a nice smile, healthy teeth, and fresh breath. It’s easy enough to organise a trip to your Dentist Tarrytown way, but how can you take great care of your teeth while you’re on the road? Try Mouth Watchers, the antimicrobial toothbrush with flossing bristles that gives you the clean of a power toothbrush all in the smaller size of a compact travel toothbrush.

Mouth Watchers
Mouth Watchers

So why shouldn’t you just pack an ordinary toothbrush? I admit that when I travel, I usually pack a toothbrush from one of the many airline amenity kits from a flight that I’ve taken, but within days of beginning my trip, I usually end up missing the clean feeling that I get with my electric toothbrush.

Mouth Watchers
Folding travel toothbrush

Mouth Watchers folding travel toothbrush is small enough to fit easily into a carry on or checked bag with its compact folding design and yet, cleans better than most standard toothbrushes on the market. How is it different?

  • Antimicrobial Bristles: Mouth Watchers eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that builds up on bristles between use with its EPA approved silver bristle technology.
Mouth Watchers
Dual layer flossing bristles get into those hard to reach areas
  • Flossing Bristles: Mouth Watchers has a revolutionary dual layered bristle structure for better cleaning. With 1 micrometer thin tips, the bristles reach deep into those areas that are normally missed by other toothbrushes. By getting in deep into grooves and pockets, the end result is a superior clean.
  • Dental Quality Cleaning: No lie – people compare using Mouth Watchers to that clean feeling they get after a visit to the dentist.
Mouth Watchers
Folding travel toothbrush
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Founded by, Dr. Ronald Plotka, a Massachusetts based dentist with over 40 years of experience, Mouth Watchers makes having clean teeth a breeze whether at home or wherever in the world you might be on your travels.

TSG Tip: When traveling, in addition to a travel toothbrush, I always pack dental floss and not just for flossing either.

Did you know that dental floss is strong enough to:

  • Work like rope to tie things together, including your suitcase?
  • Act as a hair tie when you need to pull your hair back and don’t have a ponytail holder?
  • Act like a clothesline when you need to dry wet clothing?
  • Can remove rings when they suddenly don’t fit, like after a long flight?
Mouth Watchers
My 3-1-1 bag with my Mouth Watchers packed inside

TSG Tip: My Mouth Watchers travel toothbrush folded up, which made it easy to stash in the 3-1-1 bag I usually put inside my carry on bag. Perfect for long flights after eating or snacking, its compact design and high quality construction makes it an ideal travel companion.

On my recent trip to Iceland, I packed my Mouth Watchers travel toothbrush and found that it cleaned better than traditional manual toothbrushes. Afterwards, both my teeth and breath felt cleaner. While I probably shouldn’t skip flossing, after using Mouth Watchers, if I skipped once or twice, I didn’t feel like it was the end of the world because of how thorough a cleaning my teeth received with the Mouth Watchers toothbrush.

Mouth Watchers
Manual toothbrush

When you return home, use a manual Mouth Watchers toothbrush or try out one of their power toothbrushes. Once you try a Mouth Watchers toothbrush, whether at home or on your travels around the world, you definitely won’t want to go back to your old toothbrush ever again. Even if you don’t go back to your old toothbrush, you still need to keep visiting a dentist similar to this Dentist Sarasota to ensure your teeth are still really healthy and you’ve got no issues.

What’s your favorite travel tip or travel hack?

While Mouth Watchers provided me with a few toothbrushes to try out and review, as always — all opinions are my own.