Lunch at Regensburger Weissbräuhaus | Regensburg, Germany

Regensburger Weissbräuhaus
Regensburger Weissbräuhaus

After wandering along the cobblestone streets of Regensburg, Germany, Karla and I stopped for lunch at Regensburger Weissbräuhaus.  Located in Alstadt (Old Town), this pub/brewery is located inside a building dating back to the 1600’s.  The business was opened in 1994, but the current owner took over in 2008 and renamed it to Regensburger Weissbräuhaus or Regensburg Wheat Beer House.   See those copper tanks above? That’s where the beer is served from for patrons inside the pub/brewery.  Pretty cool, right?

We grabbed a seat near the front of the restaurant on one of the stools near a high table.  Our server, who was extremely polite and helpful, spoke far more English than I did German, and delivered to us their extensive menu, which is available in German and English along with other languages thrown in for good measure like Italian and Russian, too.  You can find their full menu online on their website.   While the menu is rich in traditional Bavarian meat entrees, I located the vegetarian menu page and decided to narrow down my options.  Although I was momentarily enamored by the seasonal menu, which included asparagus, Regensburger Weissbräuhaus did have several options available for vegetarians.  This was going to be a good lunch!

While we waited, my eyes wandered around the restaurant, taking in the large, two story restaurant complete with an outdoors seating area.  You’ll notice lots of wood and copper in this warm setting, a hint of the warm feeling you’ll experience shortly in your belly after all the beer and food you’re about to drink and eat.

For the record, I’m not usually a beer drinking kind of girl.  I like my girly drinks like martinis and margaritas, but when in Rome or in this case, Germany, you drink beer.  I decided to try a half liter of the Weissbier Dunkel (dark wheat beer) and it was beyond fantastic.  I could have chugged a keg of beer from this place because not only did it taste good, but it was fresh and tasted great.

Then it was time to eat and I was absolutely 100% in heaven.  My lunch choice was Rahmschwammerl mit hausgemachtem Semmelknödel or a bread dumpling with creamy mushrooms.  Let’s just say that I’ve had bread dumplings in the past on many occasions, all of which were heavy and dense.  This was a stark contrast to those as it was incredibly light and fluffy and the mushrooms were exactly as described, creamy.  Didn’t hurt that I could wash it down with my Weissbier Dunkel, too.  Karla chose a more traditional lunch of Weisswürst or white sausage served with a pretzel and sweet mustard.

Please don’t get this confused as my dessert!  The Weissbier Dunkel was so good I decided to try the Brauhaus-Bier-Probe or beer sampler.  Four glorious servings of their house made beer including Weizen (wheat), Weizen dunkel (dark wheat), Helles (lager), and Dunkles (dark beer).  Although I was still partial to the Weissbier Dunkel, each beers was incredibly delicious and I’m certain you’ll be able to find a favorite of the four should you visit. Perhaps it’s because they’re made in house and are unfiltered or maybe I’m learning to love beer a little more.

I know I’m not alone when I reveal that after drinking all that beer I needed to visit the restroom.  I know, TMI, but c’mon – this girl is only human! Of course, the restroom wasn’t located on the first floor, but up a flight of stairs and on the other side of the restaurant. Fun! I’m sure I’m the only freak of nature who decides to take a picture of the toilet.  But check out the flush button – seriously!  Even the most inebriated person could still find a way to flush the toilet.  Maybe it was one of the red nose guys in the painting I found downstairs who had it installed.

Walking back from the restroom on the second floor, I had to stop and take a picture of the colossal copper tank sitting between the two floors.  This thing is gargantuan, but is a beauty.  Seeing it makes you feel good to know that the beer you’re drinking is brewed right on the premises.  Kills me when I see Europeans ordering and drinking Budweiser.  So sad!

If you’re looking for a traditional Bavarian restaurant, pub, and brewery to sit and enjoy a meal and a beer (or two), then Regensburger Weissbräuhaus is a must for you the next time you’re in Regensburg, Germany.

Have you been to Regensburger Weissbräuhaus?  What did you think?

Regensburger Weissbräuhaus
Schwarze Baren Strasse 6
93047 Regensburg
+49 (0) 941 59 97 70 3