Looking for a Great Steak on Royal Caribbean

There are some things in this world that just are the way they are like the sky being blue, the snow in the Northeast, and that I have a meat loving husband and son. Doesn’t matter that I don’t eat meat and I would be happier if they didn’t. No, it just means that these carnivores will usually indulge in a big old steak when we go on a cruise because I tend to stay away from cooking steaks at home. My husband is, shall we say, a skeptic. He used to think the term “all-inclusive” was a scam and we would get a bill for all these extras at the end of our cruise. He would avoid Cafe Promenade with the pizza, coffee, cookies, and sandwiches because he was convinced that we would have to pay for these. He finally started to relax and now enjoys all of the amenities on cruises like Royal Caribbean and has taken quite the liking to their steaks. If you are planning a Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean and are wondering what the steaks are like on board, read on.

Let me preface this review of steaks by saying the obvious: I don’t eat steak. Don’t like them, don’t like the looks of them, and I would be genuinely happy if they didn’t have to show up at my dinner table. Having said that, the two diners at my table are quite different. First you have my husband, the meat snob. This is a man who likes filet mignon and boneless chicken breast, but has also been known to dabble in the fine cuisine of hamburgers and hot dogs. The second diner is my son, the teenage bottomless pit. He will eat anything and I do mean anything. On nights in the dining room when they serve escargot you will see my son relishing every inch of the garlicky, buttery goodness on that plate. He usually orders two appetizers and two entrees. What I wouldn’t do for his metabolism! When it comes to steak, he is more of the Fred Flinstone kind of eater. If it’s big and falling off the plate, then it has to be good.

My son will gladly choose the standard steak on the nightly dinner menu on any Royal Caribbean ship. Their Black Angus Top Sirloin steak is a generous serving of steak that is cooked to order and is of good quality. This is not a thin rubbery steak by any means. My husband prefers not to have this steak because he likes filet mignon and only filet mignon because he likes the smaller, less fatty cut of meat. Therefore, my husband prefers to dine in Chops Grille at least once during our cruise. On ships that have a “Chops Grille,” diners can enjoy a meal in an elegant, sophisticated setting complete with a full steakhouse menu for only $25 per guest. Diners can choose from a 10 oz. filet mignon, a 7 oz. petit filet mignon, a 12 oz. New York strip steak, or a 16 oz. beef rib eye as well as seafood, lamb, or chicken entrees. Steaks are served with your choice of a classic Bearnaise sauce, green peppercorn sauce, chimichurri sauce, or a Cabernet reduction. My husband compares these steaks to the ones you might get at Capital Grille or Morton’s. They are that good! In addition to a wide array of appetizers, including shrimp cocktail, lobster carpaccio, and their signature salad, you also get to choose side dishes for the table. A perennial favorite at our table, in addition to potatoes, is the crimini mushrooms and leeks as you can see from the photo from our Mariner of the Seas cruise. If you would like to see a sample of their dinner menu, go here.

For ships that don’t have a Chops Grille, don’t panic! The dinner menu in the main dining room may include a Chops Grille steak, a 10 oz. filet mignon, for a nominal fee of $14.95 (price subject to change). You might be happy with the regular Black Angus Top Sirloin if are used to that cut of meat, but if you are particular about steak, then opt immediately for the filet mignon. As for me, I will stick to the veggies, but don’t be afraid to indulge in a little beef if that is to your liking. Just don’t forget to order dessert!

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