LIVE Onboard the Celebrity Reflection: Day 5 of My Cruise

Celebrity Reflection in port in Basseterre, St. Kitts
Some people say that it doesn’t really matter what cabin you have on your cruise because you aren’t going to be in it that much. I am proof positive that this, unfortunately, is not true. We were in St. Kitts only two weeks ago on the Celebrity Summit in a Royal Suite with a magnificent balcony where I thoroughly enjoyed the sail into St. Kitts with its amazing views. On the Celebrity Reflection I am in an oceanview cabin on deck three and had I not had my earlier experience, I might have viewed St. Kitts as a less than stellar port. I usually tell people that these newer, larger ships make the cruise almost motion-less, but I will tell you that staying down on deck three I wish they would just leave the stabilizers on 24/7 because I am feeling the movement of the ship on the water and I am not liking it.
Breakfast buffet in the Oceanview Café on deck 14

Breakfast was a quick stop in the Oceanview Café on deck 14 where it felt like we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. It was absolutely strange, but I think the time change that was instituted prior to our arrival in San Juan had everyone off, including me. For breakfast in the buffet you can get almost anything from fresh fruit to breads of every kind including chocolate croissants, danish, and more; eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, oatmeal, cheese, and meat. The selection is vast and it covers a wide selection of options for everyone.

Entrance to the Reflection and Signature Suites

Upon leaving the Oceanview Café, I came upon the Reflection and Signature Suites area behind this magical door. We could not enter because we did not have a suite, but behind this magical door is the most coveted area of the ship with amazing suites and amenities. If you haven’t heard about the Reflection Suite and the shower that juts out over the side of the ship, you must go see what it looks like. Believe me, anyone in this area wasn’t coming out of there any time soon.

“Weather Station” at the Marriott St. Kitts

For another stress-free day full of sun and sand, we opted for the Marriott St. Kitts. The cab fare is fixed so when you exit the port, walk into the small open building and look for the taxi dispatcher holding the signs for taxis. That person will take you over to where they will grab you a cab. Our cab driver was Gregory and for $12 each way, we were able to go in about 10 minutes over to the Marriott.

There was a ‘weather station’, pictured above, that we noticed when we first arrived and it made us laugh a lot. It was an “up-to-the-minute island weather report” but, as you’ll see in the picture, it wasn’t very accurate. Certainly not as accurate as the proper weather stations from that we are used to seeing! Although, quite clearly it was there for humour purposes rather than for accurate weather readings. And it worked, as we definitely had a little giggle at it!

Marriott St. Kitts

There is a sign out in front of the hotel that will say whether or not they are accepting cruise guests for day passes and the sign said that they were today. We went to the front desk where Kevis assisted us with our passes. For $35 we received the day pass, which included a discount for food and beverages purchased on site. If you wanted a room, you could get it for $149 so perhaps if you have more than two people and wanted a room where you could change or relax, especially with kids, that might be another option for you.

Beach at Marriott St. Kitts

The resort is large and yet was somewhat empty. There are three pools on the property as well as a large beach area. Down on the beach they have small cabanas with lounge chairs and we even saw them setting up for a wedding. We stayed down by the beach for a while before we decided to head up to the pools. The wind was blowing so strongly that it seemed best to avoid the sand spray.

At the pool there are lounge chairs with individual built in umbrellas. We secured our seats by the pool and we were able to wander in and out of the pool as we needed to while the sun progressively became hotter. Down by the beach there was a breeze, but at the pool we felt the sun beating down on us relentlessly. The pool is shallow on one side for those with children or anyone who wants to sit and not swim. There is a swim up bar on one side, a volleyball net, and the water was the perfect temperature overall.

Servers walk around the pool taking food and drink orders from the Bohemia Beach Pool Bar & Grille. Rita was our server and she got us a few drinks and a couple of sandwiches to help with our hunger pangs. Unfortunately, not one item on the menu was vegetarian (no less vegan), but she was able to ask them to make a grilled cheese sandwich for me. We asked if it was normally this quiet and it appears to be around this time of year that it is a less busy time, but the past few years the resort has gotten quieter and quieter. If you’re looking for a not too hectic resort with great grounds and a great beach, the Marriott St. Kitts seems like an obvious choice.

Twist Shot

After a few hours of laying out by the pool, we ventured inside to the resort’s casino and then we headed off back to town. The cab ride back is $12 and you get dropped off right at the port. We looked at a few shops and these shops have everything from jewelry of all kinds to souvenirs, t-shirts, as well as liquor and cigarettes. We then found ourselves at Twist in Port Zante where we could not only get free WiFi, but a great view and great drinks. This multi-cultural restaurant offers a variety of cuisines including Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and Indian. I ordered the samosas and a margarita and then we later each had a Twist Shot as well. It was a fun little place to sit and blow off a few minutes before getting back on the ship.

Let’s just say that this time we cut it fairly close as we ended up back in a store looking for a few souvenirs to take back home. We were hoofing it back along the pier and yes, we could have easily hopped into the little golf cart shuttle, but we were having far too much fun on our own.

Agus showing what he’s made of and Roland looking on

For whatever reason, we decided to get dressed and head down to the Martini Bar to see our favorite bartender, Agus from Bali, as well as Roland and Newa. Anna ordered a martini flight consisting of six small martinis despite my warning. They may be small, but these martinis pack a punch. The strange thing is that so many people near us were drinking wine and mixed drinks, but not martinis at the Martini Bar. Go have a great time and try the martini flight or my favorite, the 20 Year Martini.

My favorite server, Patrick, from Qsine

Our reservation at Qsine was beckoning us and we arrived in time to a packed restaurant and to my favorite server, Patrick from Bogotá, Colombia. We were quickly seated and started right in with the menu, chatting, and giggling.

M’s Favorites in Qsine

Perhaps it was the martinis, but we weren’t as hungry as we thought we would be. We ordered salad and M’s Favorites as well as dessert and we were done. The food is so good in Qsine that you absolutely need to go with an appetite to enjoy it. I also highly recommend going with a large table so you can share as many as you can.

Tomorrow is a sea day, which will mean lounging, relaxing, and enjoying the last few moments of our cruise.

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  1. Love M’s Favorites!

    M’s Favorites
    Share for two or more Patlican Salata
    Mixed Olives – Tzatziki – Eggplant Imambiyaldi Tabbouleh – Hummus – Chicken Kofta – Zathaar Lamb Chops – Kibbeh Mediterranean Chili – Falafel – Goat Cheese Cigars


  2. i jus love the way that you have written the remembers our first honeymoon trip to the Barrier Reef, Guatemala and Honduran Bay Islands in cruise provided by blount small ship adventures…it was such a great experience that i never had in my life..

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