LIVE Onboard the Celebrity Reflection: Day 3 of My Cruise

Celebrity Reflection in port in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Celebrity Reflection in port in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our first port day had us arriving into San Juan, Puerto Rico around 5 pm so we had all day to still unwind and relax onboard before hitting the town.  Another visit up to the Solstice Deck to lay out and catch some sun, grab some food, and we were totally ready by the time 5 pm came to enjoy some time off the ship.

Seabourn Legend and Grand Princess

Strangely enough, for most of our cruise down to San Juan, we had seen another ship sailing parallel to us and we were convinced it was a Princess ship.  Sure enough, once we arrived in port, there was the Grand Princess next to us along with a ship from Seabourn, the Seabourn Legend.

Once off the ship, we decided to just walk around and maybe go shopping.  Now remember I was just here less than two weeks prior and we had decided that this cruise was going to be a laid back, no pressure, no activity type of cruise.  So we weren’t planning any excursions and that was probably the best since we were arriving so late into town.  A quick walk around and we saw this guy, a cute little horse along with his friends doing carriage rides.

Señor Frog’s, San Juan

There were shops like Ralph Lauren where you could stock up and shop, but we decided instead to make a different stop over at Señor Frog’s.  Don’t lecture me on how inauthentic this place is as I already know that, but we weren’t going there for anything other than a few quick drinks.

Two Yards of Margaritas at Señor Frog’s, San Juan

Once inside, we were led to our table and given a menu for drinks and food.  If you go to any Señor Frogs anywhere, the menus are going to be the same so expect your basic nachos, mozzarella sticks, and yards of drinks like margaritas.  It’s not fancy food and when you go, you’re going because you want a loud place with loud music and people acting well, silly.  We had a great time and met others sailing on the Princess ship that were from Somerville, MA.  Small world!

Grilled Chicken Breast Herb Marinated with Thyme Jus in the Opus dining room

Back onboard the Celebrity Reflection, we decided to get changed for dinner and headed down to the Opus dining room for our first meal in the main dining room.  I completely forgot to take a picture of the menu, but this is the Grilled Chicken Breast that is herb marinated with Thyme Jus that Anna ordered and she said it was really good.

My dinner entree was Indian spiced potatoes with naan and it was probably spicier than I would expect the average person would like, but I did like it.  It’s great to be able to get a non-meat entree easily right off the menu.

Dessert wasn’t quite the success as we would have liked.  We ordered the Warm Chocolate Lava Cake and we were both disappointed.  It was dry and not sweet or chocolaty at all.  One of our dinner companions, Gloria, ordered the New York Cheesecake and loved it so I would definitely recommend that as a dessert selection.

Tomorrow we arrive into St. Maarten and I cannot wait to get there at all!  We are going to lay out on the beach and enjoy the water and completely relax so stay tuned!

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