LIVE Onboard Carnival Glory | Day 2 of Our Cruise

Carnival Glory

Here we are on day two of our cruise on the Carnival Glory. After waking up to the sound of the elevators all night, we were wide awake and ready to go.  I highly recommend on this particular ship finding a cabin farther away from mid-ship as the elevator bays ding constantly when they arrive on the floor.  The cabin doors have a ventilation grate in them so you can hear everything including people’s conversations down the hallways, children crying, and of course, the elevator dinging away incessantly.

We got over to breakfast a little late as we were rounding family up or as I often refer to it as a “cat wrangling.”  The buffet was absolutely jam packed full of people, but it wasn’t impossible to get food.  As a tip, consider walking outside toward the pools to find other food options that aren’t as crowded.  The omelet stations are outside and there is always pizza available 24 hours a day.  People that might worry that there might not be enough food available on a cruise have never been on a cruise.  There is so much food that you might find yourself overindulging.  If that should happen, don’t forget that the fitness center and jogging track are onboard, too.

On the Green Sports Bar

After breakfast people in our group broke up to find things to do on their own.  A few went to the art lecture on deck five in White Heat while others decided to tour the ship.  Whether you go as a couple, family, small group of friends, or a large family group, you don’t have to be tied at the hip. You can all meet up for drinks or dinner in the evening and have your days free if you decide that works for you. With a large water slide and pools onboard, anyone with a child or who is a child at heart is going to hit the pools and hit them hard and I highly encourage you to do so.

Camel Club Casino

Since it was a day at sea, this also meant that the casino was open and I found lots of people at the tables and on the machines.  The casino is modern and when you use a machine, you cash out to your card instead of retrieving coins or a slip.  This may confuse some, but it does require you assign a pin to your cabin card and after that, you are ready to use it.  This is simply a safety precaution because should you lose your card, no one would be able to take the money in your casino account.

In the afternoon we prepared to move our family toward deck five and Cinn-A-Bar for a private party.  We had arranged this prior to boarding and once onboard, I was in touch with Ines Uzar, the Guest Services Associate from the Carnival Glory.  We had full access to the lounge with an open bar and a projector and screen set up.  We then connected our laptop that had a PowerPoint presentation we had made with something like 300 pictures that we had scanned in of my in-laws and all of our family to play throughout our time in the lounge.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon and share our thoughts, gifts, and our time together.  If you are going to spend time onboard with a group of people, be it business or family, consider arranging a private get together with Guest Services.

Carnival’s Seaside Theatre during the day

We only had about 30 minutes between our time in the lounge and our dinner reservation so everyone hustled back to our cabins to change and get ready.  From there we made our way past everyone who was getting their pictures taken for formal night and arrived at our table. Luckily, Hatem, the maitre d’, was able to arrange our table for 13 and so we could all enjoy our dinner together.  Since it was formal night, everyone was looking forward to the lobster, prime rib, and just about everything else on the menu.  After dinner there was family karaoke, Showtime in the Amber Palace theater, dancing, partying, and even a movie in Carnival’s Seaside Theatre on deck 9 midship near the pool.

As tomorrow is our only day in port and we’ll be in Saint John, we won’t be out late tonight.  More to come soon!