Leaving for the Blue Lagoon with Gray Line Iceland | Iceland

Grayline Iceland
Sunrise in Reykjavik

Nothing makes a night of a little to no sleep better than knowing that you’ll have to get up early and venture out to catch a bus in the morning. Why would I possibly want to get up early? On this chilly October day in Reykjavik, I watched the sun rise at just after 8 am. While GrayLine Iceland offers far more than just transfers to the Blue Lagoon, for this short trip it’s what I needed and they were able to easily accommodate my request. I grabbed all my gear and trekked back up the hill to Leifur Eiriksson Hotel to make the 8:30 am shuttle. From there I would arrive at the main office to get on the 9 am bus to the Blue Lagoon

Grayline Iceland
GrayLine Iceland’s office in Reykjavik

Although I arrived on time, thanks to the prompt shuttle service, we still had to wait for others to make their way slowly to the coach before we could depart for Grindavik. Some people were just going for the day while others were planning to go to the airport afterwards.  

TSG Tip:  While any trip to the Blue Lagoon will always be a good one, I prefer to visit on my way to the airport. The trip from the Blue Lagoon to Keflavik Airport is quick and after spending a few hours relaxing, your airport and flight experience is considerably less stressful.  

Grayline Iceland
GrayLine Iceland in Reykjavik

If you’ve visited Reykjavik, you probably recognize the building above, which is the sales office and bus terminal for GrayLine Iceland. The shuttle dropped us off in the lot opposite the building and I only needed to cross the street to pick up my ticket. A quick trip inside to grab my ticket and I was soon back outside and climbing onboard the bus to grab a seat. It was that simple! GrayLine has been in business since 1910 with tours and experiences in more than 700 locations in six continents around the globe. With an established history that you can trust, you not only expect things to run smoothly, but you depend on it, especially when short on sleep.  

Grayline Iceland
Breakfast of champions

Mr. TSG felt that it was the perfect time to eat although I would never call this a nutritious breakfast.

Grayline Iceland
Waiting to leave for the Blue Lagoon

Finally, everyone was on board the coach and we were ready to roll. You might find yourself lulled to sleep by the smooth ride and view outside your window during the approximately 45 minute ride, but before you know it, you’ll see the telltale white plumes of steam from the Blue Lagoon and you’ll know you’ve arrived.

Grayline Iceland
Driving out to the Blue Lagoon

My trip with GrayLine Iceland included the bus transfer from Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon and then the transfer from the Blue Lagoon to Keflavik Airport. In the past I would simply store my luggage on the coach while inside the Blue Lagoon, but if you haven’t been to the Blue Lagoon lately, they now have a luggage storage facility (€3 per bag).    

TSG Tip: Crowds are common upon entry to the Blue Lagoon and while the new luggage storage facility is great, the lines can be overwhelming. Find a seat toward the front of the coach to be one of the first ones off and head straight inside to get in the queue to beat the crowds.  

The entire process of getting picked up by shuttle to transfer to the main bus terminal for GrayLine Iceland as well as the transfer to the Blue Lagoon and then later to Keflavik Airport was entirely effortless and I wouldn’t hesitate to use GrayLine Iceland again on my next trip to Reykjavik. In fact, I can’t wait to try a few excursions with them next August when I visit Iceland again.  

GrayLine Iceland
Sales Office / Bus terminal
Hafnarstræti 20
104 Reykjavik
Tel: +354 540 1313
Fax: +354 540 1310

Opening hours
Summer (16 May to 23. Sept.)
Monday to Sunday 07:00 to 22:30 

Winter (24. Sept to 15. May)
Monday to Sunday 07:30 – 19:30  

Bookings for Package Tours iceland@grayline.is
General Enquiries iceland@grayline.is
Groups sales@grayline.is
Coach Rentals sales@grayline.is
Incentives incentives@grayline.is 

Contact GrayLine Iceland from abroad and save money using local telephone numbers
Denmark 991 8130
Great Britain 20 8099 3066
United States (212) 796 5596

*While GrayLine Iceland provided me with the complimentary transportation to the Blue Lagoon, all opinions and photographs are my own.*

2 thoughts on “Leaving for the Blue Lagoon with Gray Line Iceland | Iceland

  1. hi,

    I was about to make the reservation for blue lagoon tour with Grayline.

    And I realised that there are many time slot to select in their website, price varies.

    Do you have any suggestion for the time slot, or we can just select the time slot which we able to hop on the bus? For eg- 10:00-15:00, hop on the bus by 3pm.

    Am i right to say?

    1. It really depends on when you plan to go. Some people like to go while they are visiting Reykjavik and Iceland beyond Reykjavik, but personally I enjoy it before I head to the airport. I’d rather spend those last few hours in the Blue Lagoon relaxing before a flight instead of taking any time away from exploring Iceland. I suggest emailing them at iceland@grayline.is after you decide whether you’ll go during your trip or on the way to the airport and asking about pickup. You can arrange your pick up right from your hotel so that would affect what time you’d go unless you arrange your own transfer there. If you haven’t decided yet, you can always wait until you get there and arrange it through your hotel so don’t feel pressured to decide right now. Good luck and let me know what you decide.

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