LastPass: Keep Passwords and Important Info Organized While You Travel

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LastPass will solve all of your password problems

If you travel often like I do, staying organized at home and on the road can be challenging. One of my biggest pet peeves when I travel is not having access to a website for some strange reason because I’ve forgotten my password, especially not that there is also 2 factor authentication on some sites.
Not only is it frustrating while traveling, but it’s such a colossal waste of time when you’re trying to plan a trip, work online, or update your social media accounts. Hopefully, you’re not using the same password for every site, but remembering different passwords for all the websites you visit can be difficult. So how do you stay safe online and keep your passwords organized especially when you travel? Try LastPass, a free and easy to use online password manager that has helped millions of people around the world do just that.

What a LastPass vault looks like

How does LastPass work? You create one master password and all of your passwords are managed in one convenient site in your “vault” that is accessible wherever you are, even on the go.

LastPass will fill every password automatically

If you visit a new website, LastPass even generates a new password for you in one click and then stores the password for you. If you add a password on one device, it’s available on all of your devices. Put your passwords in the vault where all of the information is backed up and synced automatically to all of your devices.

My LastPass vault shortly after signing up

The LastPass sign up process took less than a minute. From there, you simply add the browsers you use and every time you visit a site, your password will be stored away in the vault.

LastPass will fortify your passwords

With bank-level security standards, your passwords are only available to you in your encrypted vault. LastPass even covers you when you need to share passwords or credit card numbers with someone via text message.

You no longer have to worry about organizing your passwords or keeping them safe because LastPass does all this as well as:

  • Splitting bills with roommates? Share the account login with them, sync any password changes, and remove access if needed.
  • Keep digital records by storing and securing your insurance cards, membership info, prescription details, WiFi logins, social security numbers, passports, and more in Secure Notes.
  • Improve your security with multifactor authentication that adds another layer of security by requiring a second login step before granting access to your vault
LastPass security

The next time you go online and can’t remember a password, you’ll wish you had signed up for LastPass. Go ahead and try it out. After all, what have you got to lose? Get LastPass for Free and it will keep you organized so you can spend more time planning your next trip instead of remembering passwords, either at home or on the go.

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