Guest Post: The Best Cruise Destinations for Scuba Divers

This is a guest post by Rutger Thole.

For scuba divers, picking the location for a cruise is probably one of the most important parts of the organisation process. There are hundreds of famous dive sites throughout the world and plenty of cruise ships that offer diving opportunities. Before rushing out and booking the first cruise that you come across however consider some of the following and then make a decision accordingly. It’s also worth having a look at some Wetsuits for Scuba Diving too as you’ll need some for when you decide to go.

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is a place that is part of the British Virgin Islands. The HMS Rhone that is situated here is possibly the location that attracts the biggest amount of interest. Since it sank in 1867, the Royal Mail Steamer has attracted a lot of press attention, but also a lot of attention from divers. For those divers that are interested in coming to see the wreck, it is situated near to Salt Island.

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The HMS is not the only attraction here though and there is plenty more on offer. Throughout their trip, divers can expect to experience the likes of barracuda, octopuses, lobsters and many other weird and wonderful creatures. Marine life here is extremely fruitful and there are plenty of photo opportunities, so have a camera at the ready! This is truly a place of underwater beauty and a great place not to be missed by scuba divers who visit the BVI on a cruise.

Great Barrier Reef

When scuba diving is mentioned, most people instantly think of the Great Barrier Reef. This is among the most popular and most well known dive sites throughout the work. The Osprey Reef is of particular interest to drivers, sitting to the North of the Coral Sea also offers some of the most spectacular dive opportunities in the world.

For those scuba divers that want some up close, and personal, action with some of the most exotic fish in the world, with great visibility, the great barrier reef is certainly a place to visit on a cruise when you plan to go down under. Those divers that are staying here for longer periods of time are able to work their way around the most popular parts of the reef, experiencing something completely different every single day that they venture out.

St. Lucia

The Pitons

The Pitons, St. Lucia (Photo credit Mike_fleming)

St. Lucia is fast becoming popular with scuba divers from across the world. If visiting the area on a Caribbean cruise, visiting Anse Chastanet is certainly a good option, with plate and star coral to be found in their masses. There is plenty of underwater life to explore here, not to mention the black sandy beaches. St. Lucia is known for creatures such as butterfly fish, eels, seahorses and much more. The caves and ledges that can be incorporated in a dive trip mean that every day diving in the area is completely different to the last.

Phi Phi, Thailand

Phi Phi, Thailand is another place that offers a range of spectacular dive sites. From Shark Point right through to King Cruiser Wreck, there are plenty of opportunities to get a diving day in, which will never be forgotten. Phi Phi has become much more popular with divers in the last decade. That being said, the influx of tourism has meant that a lot of the natural dive sites that used to feel untouched are slowly being destroyed.
This guestpost is written by Rutger Thole who is the founder of BookYourdive where you can review compare and book your scuba trip online.

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