Guest Post: How To Be Vegan In San Francisco

This is a guest post by Patricia Bieszk.

And the answer is – and I know it will be met with much relief by many vegan travellers – really easily! Please find a few of my favourite dining out options in the central city area briefly reviewed below, in no particular order.

Gracias Madre – Mission

For non-Spanish speakers, the translation of the above is “Thanks, Mum” and is an apt name for this rather nice, Earth-friendly Mexican eatery which can be found in the Mission District at 2211 Mission St. I am sure any vegan traveller would welcome the opportunity to visit an organic vegan restaurant where authentic Mexican music is being played, not to mention the authentic Mexican cuisine (they make their own tortillas!) being served, in accord with the seasons, including tamales, empanadas, quesadillas (hurray for nut cheeses!), tacos with my fave guacamole and salsa verde, and – wait for it – vanilla or chocolate vegan ice cream for dessert (with assorted cakes of course)!  The veggies served are biodynamically grown at the owner’s Be Love Farm…need I say more? All the drinks served are also organic, including beer and wine. This is the real deal.

cc licence flickr photo by scotthessphoto

Herbivore – Divisadero

All those poor vegans and vegetarians who have been dragged along to visit the Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi can finally take their “vengeance” here, at Herbivore: The Earthly Grill,  531 Divisadero St, Western Addition District (or was it Addiction District?). Don’t let the “housemade meatball” sandwich option fool you, this is a 100% vegan, successful chain restaurant (nope, this is not an oxymoron!) and there are several franchises in the SF area. The menu is truly worldwide fusion style, so you’ll love the Indonesian noodle salad with tofu one day, and pizza or Pad Thai the next. This is the perfect way to introduce your incredibly sceptical partners/friends/relatives to a fabulous variety of vegan dishes (just fail to mention the “v” word) and totally tantalise their tastebuds! Trust me, they will not know what vegan bus hit them.

Loving Hut – Chinatown

I know your little feet will get tired while walking San Francisco’s impressive Chinatown, so here’s a good option to indulge your palate while you rest: Loving Hut, 1365 Stockton St. This is an easy on the eye, modern, affordable and tasty vegan eatery, offering a plethora of Asian-inspired dishes. You’ll love the extremely extensive menu, with its golden mushroom sticks, mango and potato salads, fantastic soups from miso to corn, noodles, fried rice and even…burgers. Although the Asian-style faux meat approach to vegan food might not be to everyone’s liking, the Loving Hut prides itself on organic ingredients and you’re bound to find something that appeals; banana fritters and Thai iced tea, anyone?

cc licence flickr photo by frankfarm

To finish off this mouth-watering list (this is just the top of the SF vegan iceberg) all I can say is that I can’t wait for the teleportation machine from Star Trek to become technologically and commercially viable, as I know exactly where I’d beam myself to right now!

Now you’ll know where to go straight after you get off your San Francisco flights!

Patricia Bieszk+ is a travelling Vegan and always on the lookout for great places for Vegans to explore

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