How to Fall in Love with Malta in Less Than 5 Minutes

Gnejna Bay by Fen on Trover

The country of Malta is located in the Mediterranean in between Italy and Tunisia. Although small, Malta is a densely populated country of about 450,000 residents.

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With wonderful weather and sun 365 days a year, visitors to Malta enjoy partaking in any number of outdoor activities like walking, hiking, rock climbing, or simply taking in the sun while relaxing on a beach.

Palace of the Grand Master by Fen on Trover

If you’re looking for a holiday rich in history and culture, Malta has over 7,000 years of history to share with its guests. Visit any number of destinations like the National Museum of Fine Arts, Grand Master’s Palace, the War Museum, or one of the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Megalithic Temples.

The Valletta Waterfront by Shizuya on Trover

On a visit to Malta, you definitely won’t run out of places to visit. That’s why there have been a number of movie productions filmed on location in Malta as it is the perfect backdrop to create a cinematic masterpiece. Did you know that some or all of “Captain Phillips,” “World War Z“, and “The Da Vinci Code,” among dozens of other films, were filmed in Malta? The American television series, “Game of Thrones,” films in Malta on a regular basis.

St. Julien’s Malta by Michaela Balazsova on Trover

If you’ve never visited Malta, book your air and a place to stay immediately and see why everyone has fallen in love with Malta.

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