Exploring the Classical Antiquity of Ancient Greece

ancient Greece

Few nations boast the historical and cultural significance of Greece. A pioneering nation for thousands of years, Greece has given birth to some of history’s greatest minds and academics – building a unique history and heritage which still intrigues to this day. Amazingly, parts of ancient Greece have survived for thousands of years, making this country one of the best to visit for those wanting to take a step back in time.

Every time I visit this Mediterranean nation, I am continually amazed by the vast history which opens up in front of me. Every direction you peer in Greece, fragments of the past seem to dazzle and charm – providing a unique holiday experience.

So, when Cruise1st asked me to contribute to their blog, I simply couldn’t resist sharing my experiences, knowledge and love of Greece. From arriving at the cruise hub of Katakolon, I explain how this nation continues to capture my imagination every time I visit. You can read my full article for Cruise1st here.

ancient Greece
Ancient ruins of the archaeological site of Katakolon in Greece

Amongst the greatest tourist draws of Greece is the vast array of archaeological sites which can be explored. Olympia is the best known and, perhaps, the finest, boasting fragments of history which can be thousands of years old. The site has played a huge role in the mythology of Greece, and is home to Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Hera, and one of my favourites, the Palaestra of Olympia. It is also the site of the original Olympic Games – and the remnants of the old stadia can still be explored today.

 ancient Greece
Port of Katakolon

But don’t worry if you’re planning a visit to the Greece for something a little more current, the Mediterranean nation boasts a great selection of modern amenities as well amazing food and some of the continent’s finest beaches. If you’re off to Crete, you can even hire a car from somewhere like e-mietwagenkreta so you can explore the sights and sounds of Greece at your leisure. Perfect if you fancy doing nothing more than just flopping down your beach towel and soaking up the rays.