Entertainment on Oasis of the Seas – Part I

On a ship the size of Oasis of the Seas, there is plenty of activities and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. When someone thinks of onboard entertainment on a cruise ship, they might think of a Broadway-like production with dancers and singers that couldn’t make it on Broadway or a comedian that is less than funny. While these types of acts do exist on cruise ships today and I’m not quite sure why the cruise lines continue to promote them as entertainment, it was a completely different story on the Oasis. One of the highlights of our trip was watching the show in the Aquatheater. It starts with this young woman inside an umbrella.

I went with two cameras and one video camera to the show and missed most of the shots and the ones that I did get were blurry from the action. It was too good to miss by taking pictures so I stopped shortly after I started, but did get a few here. The young men in front of us were employees/performers on the ship and they completely enjoyed the show as well. We were warned that the seats filled up quickly and that if you sat in the first few rows of benches vs. chairs you would get wet. We had no problems getting seats and we didn’t get wet at all.

Besides getting to see Hairspray, the Broadway musical, there were other great shows onboard including “Frozen in Time” – the ice show. That was unbelievable and of course, none of my pictures came out. However, there was a sand artist part way through the show that although incredibly hard to describe what she did, if you see it you will agree that it was amazing. Another show that we went to was The Nelson Brothers, which we had seen a few months earlier on the Mariner of the Seas. The first time we saw them I have to admit it was to go make fun of them. I know – horrible! However, they were pretty good entertainers and the crowd seemed to really like them. Here is a clip from their show on the Oasis where they are singing their father’s hit, “Poor Little Fool.”

One night during dinner at Giovanni’s in the Central Park area of the ship, we had a surprising entertainment moment. We sat down to eat and heard music from the area behind us and noticed a singer and musician right there by us performing. It was a nice little touch that made our dinner even more special.

Whether daytime or nighttime, shopping is a sport for most and this is true even on the Oasis. If you are looking for jewelry, souvenirs, cameras, pictures, or liquor, you can find it onboard in one of the many shops. Shopping can be a form of entertainment all unto itself.

Tomorrow I’ll cover some of the daytime entertainment options available on the Oasis of the Seas.

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