Contest to Help Decide Where I Travel in December

I think I have lost my mind. Really! Ok, so maybe I’m joking, but who else would do what I’m about to do? I have an opportunity to travel in December for a week almost anywhere within reason and the thought of being able to go almost anywhere has resulted in brain overload. Last year I was so spoiled by not only being able to go on six cruises with more ports than I care to mention here, but I also visited London, several cities in Ireland, Spain, and France as well as Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This year has been somewhat more low key and I’m itching for a little adventure in my otherwise mundane life.

Since I live in the Northeast, one might assume that by the time December rolls around I might want to go somewhere warm like the Caribbean or Mexico. In a way that is true, but I am looking more for somewhere new that I haven’t been to and a place that I can enjoy for more than a day or two. I’ll only have a week to travel so I really don’t want to spend two days traveling to and from the destination so that should help narrow down some places. I also don’t have an unlimited budget so think more Travel Shop Budget Girl, but not Travel Shop Broke Girl. I’m more about experiencing the local culture than staying in a 5-star hotel and not getting a feel for the country I’m visiting.

Send along your suggestions by either emailing me or posting a reply here. Explain why this would be a great destination for me and If I take your suggestion, I’ll send you a Travel Shop Girl t-shirt! In addition, I’ll blog from the destination while there so you can ask questions, see pictures and video, and enjoy the adventure with me. Does that sound like a good plan to you?

3 thoughts on “Contest to Help Decide Where I Travel in December

  1. You should join us for a cruise out of New Orleans! (Voyager on the 10th and Elation on the 17th) Seriously, I think New Orleans is a great destination with tons of local culture, but not too cold in December and AMAZING food.

  2. I loved Louisianna on my cruise too. But if you want really enriching experiences, I think you have to stay away from the cruise lines (ha! and we have tons of them docking here in Ochi:)

    Jamaica is a wonderfully warm culture with unique diversities that you could maybe travel to 3 or 4 times b4 you truly gain insights to.
    Either way, you fly right into MoBay and you could stay in Ocho Rios, have no problems getting to most places quickly, and will never ever be bored!

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