BURGER TIME: Vegan Dining in Passau at Selly’s

Vegan Dining in Passau
Selly’s Burger and a beer at Selly’s

BURGER TIME!!! Do I have your attention now?  Oh I bet I do!

How about a scrumptious veggie burger and an ice cold beer in the heart of Passau, Germany in the middle of a hot summer? That’s how you know your life is good!  While in Passau on my Romantic Danube river cruise with Viking River Cruises, my partner in crime for this cruise, Karla, joined me for lunch.  A huge thank you to Karla for tolerating my OCD need to dine at a vegetarian or vegan restaurant on this trip.  

Vegan Dining in Passau
Selly’s outside terrace

After careful research, I located and found Selly’s, a vegan restaurant in Passau with a great little surprise of an outside terrace.  Selly’s advertises that they offer pure vegetable cuisine using local and organic ingredients.  The choices at Selly’s are many so if you feel like a salad or a sandwich or maybe something more exotic, you’ll be pleased once you take a look at their menu.  Whether you choose to dine inside or outside on the terrace, you need to have a meal at Selly’s.

Vegan Dining in Passau

Where else can you sit outside and be completely and totally entertained by the neighborhood dog? She would wander around and bark at any dog that was even thinking about coming within a square block.  Then she would rest for a minute, catch her breath, and go back on patrol.

Vegan Dining in Passau
Vegan Dining in Passau
Selly’s Menu

Selly’s has plenty of seating both inside and outside on the terrace.  In addition to the menus provided tableside, they also have a cute blackboard menu on the outside of the building.

I finally decided on the Selly's Burger: 'The absolute best burgers in town with tofu, peanuts, banana, soy, sesame, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions with fried potatoes and salad.' Beautifully presented and oh so yummy!Click To Tweet
Vegan Dining in Passau
Selly’s Burger with side salad and potatoes

With a rich and varied menu in both German and English, I had a difficult time narrowing down my choices. Selly’s offers a diverse mix of starter, entree, and dessert items to choose from including burgers to salads to curries to pasta and much more.

I finally decided on the Selly’s Burger: “The absolute best burgers in town with tofu, peanuts, banana, soy, sesame, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions with fried potatoes and salad.” Beautifully presented and oh so yummy!

Vegan Dining in Passau
Let’s get a closer look at that burger!
Vegan Dining in Passau
Banana on top of my Selly’s Burger

As I usually do, I ripped the bun off the burger and ate the burger with salad and side potatoes.  I thought that might be a sweet plantain on top, but no — that’s an actually slice of a regular old banana.  Strange, but it did taste good and apparently, when it sits between the bun and the burger, it works like a condiment to add a little moisture.  Overall, the burger was fresh and tasty and was definitely not a prepackaged, ready made burger that some restaurants try to pass off as their own.  It held its shape, wasn’t crumbly, and was well seasoned.  The salad was lightly dressed, but tasty and the potatoes were delicious and crisp.

TSG Tip: Selly’s encourages you to bring your own container to take your leftovers with you.  I would jump up and down for joy if I could find one restaurant in the U.S. that advertised this to their customers.

Vegan Dining in Passau

Nothing goes better with a veggie burger than a cold, crisp beer and I was more than happy to order one.  We were outside under an umbrella in the middle of Passau, enjoying our lunch, having a great conversation, and watching people go by and then it happened.  Out of nowhere and completely unprovoked, a wasp or a bee came along and landed on my forearm and stung me.  I literally looked down, saw it, and had no chance to do anything other than belt off a slew of obscenities that filled the cobblestone streets of Passau.  Sorry Passau, but it hurt like hell.  Strangely enough and something I didn’t realize until writing this now, the bee/wasp stung me on my compass tattoo halfway between the South and East points on the compass.  Considering Passau is in Southeast Bavaria, maybe it was trying to tell me something?

Despite the unanticipated bug bite, I had an amazing lunch at Selly’s.   If you’re a vegan or vegetarian traveling through Germany, I highly encourage you to make a side trip to Passau and try Selly’s.  I probably would eat here a few times a week and try everything on the menu if I lived in Passau, which shows just how much I loved this place!

Address: Große Klingergasse 10, 94032 Passau, Germany
Phone:+49 851 71130

I was a guest of Viking River Cruises for my river cruise, but as always — all opinions and photographs are my own.