A Bit of the Unusual in Ireland

unusual in Ireland
Tiny car in Ireland in front of Subway

It’s not like I’m out there looking for weird or unusual things when I travel, but inevitably I happen to see something that catches my eye and I just have to share it. This was true for finding a bit of the unusual in Ireland.  For example, take a look at this first picture. You might think I took a picture of the cute green car in the foreground, which I did, but when I got home and looked at the picture I said, “Another Subway?” Yup – that’s a Subway in the background. They were almost everywhere in Dublin! I think Subway to Dublin is the US equivalent of Starbucks. Crazy!

unusual in Ireland
Unusual mannekins in Galway

Ok, so what about this? We were in Galway with my mother-in-law looking for a fabric shop and while she shopped inside, we sat outside, a safe distance from these two.

There was no way I was going near the two with the spooky eyes that followed me. I guess they are supposed to be stylish models sporting Halloween garb, but really? Do you want to be seen in these outfits? To clarify, the one on the left is wearing a 50’s poodle skirt and the other one who is clearly too underweight to be in the outfit, is wearing some kind of two piece belly dancing costume (See the elephant? That makes it exotic).

unusual in Ireland
Chewable toothbrushes?

Now this one I will freely admit that maybe I was being creepy by taking a picture while in the restroom. As a disclaimer, I was the only one in the bathroom when I shot the picture, and no – I don’t usually have a camera in the bathroom with me.

Although different, it certainly does the job. My only problem with it is that I saw the little containers inside the machine and before reading the sign, I thought it was a candy machine. So sad! If you look at the picture quickly, she also looks like she has a huge tooth.

unusual in Ireland
Seats are not for feet!

We were on a train going to Cork when I saw this next sign. I think we should have more of these signs everywhere, including my house!

unusual in Ireland
A young man’s dream

This next sign was my son’s favorite, as you can see. Where else can you choose and get exactly what you want Oh Ireland, you kept me laughing when I needed a good laugh so thank you!

Did you find a bit of the unusual in Ireland? What did you find?  Read the rest of my posts about Ireland here.