10 Tips to Help Reduce Stress Before You Travel

reduce stress
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It’s time for your long awaited trip and yet, you feel like you’re stressed to the max. In fact, you might snap if someone looks at you the wrong way. You might even find yourself wanting to take something similar to Zach Attack Supplements phenibut HCL just to mellow yourself out. That’s no way to start a vacation! For the best holiday possible, try to reduce stress before you leave. So how can you do that? Having extra travelling tips guide on Westpac can help after you’ve read this informative article, you can never be too prepared.

Reduce Stress With A Few Easy Tips

Here are a few tips to help you reduce stress before you travel through some careful advanced planning.

1. Don’t pack the night before!

Avoid packing the night before or worse, a few hours before you leave. A few weeks before your trip, pull out your suitcase and get organized. This is the time to grab your toiletries, flip flops, suntan lotion, cameras, and other items you won’t use on a regular basis before your trip and at least get them in or near your suitcase. Don’t forget to pack the best sneakers for walking because you’ll regret traveling in shoes that aren’t built for comfort.

2. Review what you’re bringing with you

It never fails that I always bring far more clothes (and shoes) when I travel than I will ever need. People like to bring a spare set of real silk life pajamas, for instance, but if they’re only away for a night is that needed? After you’ve laid out all the items you anticipate you need, go through and pull out at least five things you know you can do without. For example, if your trip is seven days, do you really need seven pairs of shoes and five pairs of sandals? You’ll have more space in your luggage and that means you’ll feel less stressed at the end of your vacation when you’re trying to pack all the goodies you purchased during your travels. Pack less to reduce stress? Following me now?

reduce stress
Airport charging station

3. Charge all of your electronics

This may seem obvious, but what could be worse than to open up your laptop or iPad and see that you’re almost out of power? Grab them all up in advance and charge them so you don’t have to wait in line at the one outlet or charging station at the airport.

4. Pay your bills online

Do you really want to think about your bills while on vacation? Make a note on your calendar to have all of your bills paid at least one week in advance of your departure. This way when you’re lounging on a beach somewhere, you won’t have a panic attack about whether or not that bill was paid.

5. Check in for your flight online

As soon as the window for checking in is available, do it! Often upgrades and better seats are available when check in opens.

6. Get a good night’s sleep before you travel

There’s nothing worse than arriving late to the airport and missing your flight or just feeling like hell while traveling. The best way to avoid this entirely is by starting your day off feeling fresh and energized with a good night’s sleep the night before your trip. You’ll find less things going wrong and you’ll also handle those missteps far better with several hours sleep under your belt.

reduce stress
Healthy snack of hummus and veggies (skip the pita!)

7. Pack snacks

Whether just for your flight or for your entire vacation, pack at least a few snacks to make your trip more tolerable. This is especially true if you’re on a restricted diet such as if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or even gluten free. Even if you’re not, having healthy snacks along will help you avoid high caloric snacks with zero nutritional value that will make you feeling sluggish by the end of your vacation.

8. Drink water, not alcohol

Until you arrive at your final destination, consider drinking water, not alcohol on your travels. If you’re flying, alcohol will leave you dehydrated as well as probably a little disoriented so stay away from the booze. If you’re traveling by train or other mode of transportation, you don’t need to get lost or worse, taken advantage of, while traveling. Save the alcohol for your final destination.

9. Prepay as much as possible

Whether you’re taking a cruise or a land vacation, if an opportunity presents itself to prepay for anything during your vacation in advance of the trip itself, do it. You’ll feel proud of yourself by paying for excursions, transportation, and anything else before you get to your vacation. Plus you’ll feel so good about not having a huge bill at the end of your trip.

10. Consider an alternate ride to the airport

This is especially true during peak travel times of the day and the year, such as holiday travel or Spring Break. If you don’t have to think about parking and running to catch your flight, I promise you’ll feel far less stress. Opt instead for a family member or friend to drive you or take a taxi, limo, or shuttle to the airport. You can thank me later when you climb into the car and take a deep and relaxing breath instead of sweating profusely.

We have so few free days to enjoy ourselves and vacation should be a time that is as stress-free as humanly possible. With a little pre-trip organization, it is possible for you to enjoy a stress-free vacation!

Do you have any tips to reduce stress that you’d like to share? Read more travel tips as well as other great travel tips, information, and advice here on the Travel Shop Girl website.

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  1. I like your tip to consider an alternate ride to the airport. Like you said, it’ll be a lot less stressful to get to the airport if you don’t have to worry about parking. There’s a lot of options, from asking a friend for a ride to renting out a limo, and such options may even be cheaper than paying for airport parking while you’re gone. Thanks for the tips.

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